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Spend Too Much Time Researching & Tracking?

Amazon is a great marketplace for online sellers, but let's face it — researching your competition and tracking Amazon metrics is a manual process and takes up alot of time.

As a serious Amazon seller, you might be asking...

  • When did my competitor’s sales rank jump to #500?
  • Why did my Amazon sales drop last week all of a sudden?
  • When did these new products start ranking for my keywords?
  • How do I see my keyword position over the last 30 days?
  • What is the Sales Rank's percentage in the Home & Kitchen Category?
  • How many reviews did my competitor receive this week?

These important questions deserve your attention, but what if you could answer them without slowing your productivity and spending multiple hours per day?

You’ve heard the benefits of tracking Amazon products and keywords -- how it can help avoid costly sourcing mistakes, and lead to more profit and sales.

Maybe you tried tracking all that data, and it became overwhelming and too tedious.

Or maybe you currently track a handful of Amazon stats with a daily routine of opening 5 websites, crunching numbers, and logging data into spreadsheets for each product.

There’s a good chance this won’t be sustainable as your business grows, and more importantly, you are still missing out on crucial data for your Amazon business.

Grow Your Amazon Business

Growing your Amazon business can be a challenge for busy sellers like you.

What if you already had all the research and historical data you needed to make decisions in your business?

You could quickly move onto the next steps, such as...

    Improving the quality of your Amazon listing to increase your conversion rate (leading to more sales per customer)
    Expanding your product line (more revenue)
    Talking to your customers and getting more product feedback & reviews (more sales)
    Planning and launching new marketing campaigns & promotions

Bottom line: you could be investing in areas that directly improve conversion rates, which leads to more Amazon sales.

Start Tracking Crucial Amazon Metrics

As Amazon Sellers ourselves, we experienced the pain of spending hours manually gathering Amazon data -- that’s why we created SellerMetrics, an Amazon Seller’s tool that helps automate researching and tracking Amazon metrics.

SellerMetrics provides the research data and competitive intelligence you need to compete in the Amazon marketplace.

Other existing Amazon tools provide only a fraction of important data for an Amazon Seller. That's why you see most Amazon sellers using a combination of tools, to try to piece all the data together.

The difference with SellerMetrics is we provide you more functionality, tracking, and research data, all on an affordable, easy to use, single platform.

No more juggling your various tools to get the job done, and looking up how to use that complicated Excel equation to put it all together.

Leave the heavy lifting of research & tracking to us while you focus on making decisions for your Amazon business.

Is SellerMetrics For Me?

If you sell on Amazon and source products in bulk (such as wholesale or liquidation), then you should try SellerMetrics.

If you are a brand owner or private label, you also should try SellerMetrics.

Still in the research phase and don't have a product? We have you covered.

The Most Comprehensive Amazon Seller Tool

Real-Time Research At Your Fingertips

Type in any keyword or ASIN and get the latest search results in real-time if it doesn't exist.
For each product, view the sales rank, top percentage rank, number of reviews, and offer breakdowns.
Keyword research

Automated Tracking In Your Sleep

Track the top search results for each keyword.
View the biggest changes in position gains and losses based on your selected period of time.
Tracking change

Keyword Context Matters. See The Entire Picture

Other keyword trackers focus on tracking one product relative to the keyword, ignoring the rest of the products.
SellerMetrics tracks the entire page of products, helping you identify new competition, how difficult it is to rank for the keyword, and which products made the biggest improvements.
Tracking context

Product Tracking At Its Finest

When you track a product, you're tracking the Keyword Rank Position, Sales Rank, Reviews, and Offers.
Expand the graph, select the duration you want to view, and you'll have an overview of how each metric affects other metrics
Show product

Take Data Analysis To The Next Level

Group any of your products and keywords, and let us assemble all the data together so you can identify trends that will make or break your business.
Groups general

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Want to stay on top of your competitors? Be informed about your entire niche, all on single page with Groups. Compare Sales Rank, Sales Estimates, Reviews, Price, and ANY Keyword within your niche to find pockets of opportunities.
Groups product metrics

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets + 5 Other Tools

Track multiple Amazon metrics that add value to your business through a single platform.
    Keyword Rank
    Google Volume
    Avg Sales Rank Per Keyword
    Related Keywords
    Sales Rank
    Buy Box Share
    Buy Box Price
    Sales Estimates
    Amazon Offers
    FBA Offers
    Merchant Offers

More Importantly...

Stay On Top Of Your Amazon Business.

Other Tools Track a Few Metrics. SellerMetrics Tracks Your Entire Niche.

SellerMetrics enables you to research and analyze data more in depth than any tool on the market to analyze trends in your niche.

Identify which competitor is ranking the highest for all keywords, gaining the most reviews, having the most sales, and surging in Sales Rank, all on a single page.

Still on the fence? Sign up in less than 60 seconds and try SellerMetrics Risk Free.

Affordable Pricing Plans For Your Business

Pay as you go. No-Contract Monthly Plans. Get Started Today.
  • Basic
  • $4000
  • 14-day Free Trial
    Track 30 Keywords
    Track 30 Products
    900 Searches (30 per day)
  • Professional
  • $8000
  • 14-day Free Trial
    Track 100 Keywords
    Track 100 Products
    3000 Searches (100 per day)
  • Enterprise
  • $20000
  • 14-day Free Trial
    Track 400 Keywords
    Track 400 Products
    12,000 Searches (400 per day)

SellerMetrics vs Generic Amazon Tool

SellerMetrics Keyword Trackers track MORE than just a single position.

Many tools out there just focus on tracking where your product shows up for a keyword. Each SellerMetrics Keyword Tracker refreshes data every 24 hours, tracks the top 300 product positions & overall movement, and tracks the top 16 product's sales rank, price, reviews, sales estimates, and offer breakdown.

SellerMetrics Product Trackers are more than a simple price tracker.

Each time you track a product in SellerMetrics, you cover Sales Rank, Sales Estimates, Reviews, Offers, High/Low Stats, and along with having the ability to graph all this data over time.

When you track a product in SellerMetrics, you have enabled complete monitoring for the Amazon Product.

Every SellerMetrics Plan includes Real-Time Search Results

SellerMetrics searches allow you to do real-time research and figure out immediately what kind of products are showing up for your keywords. Have a wholesale account from a particular brand and wondering if its profitable for your FBA business? Looking for more answers when it comes to keyword research?

Type in the brand name, and you'll start to see products from that brand name, with the Sales Rank, Price, Reviews, and Offer Breakdown to help you make your decision.

"But..I notice your competitors offer more keyword and product trackers at a similar price..."

There are Amazon tools out there have similar naming conventions when it comes to tracking (such as Keyword or Product Tracking), but SellerMetrics provides more significant metrics and functionality per tracker, and cannot be compared directly with other Amazon tracking tools.

It Only Gets Better...

We have a huge list of features and new metrics planned for SellerMetrics while constantly updating the platform.

Have suggestions on how to improve SellerMetrics? We love customer feedback and proactively work with customers.

Get Started Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SellerMetrics useful for all Amazon Sellers?

Any Amazon Seller that spends time researching or tracking products and keywords will find value out of SellerMetrics.
If you currently source many products in low quantities (retail arbitrage), you may find the Research feature more useful than the Tracking feature.

I am just starting out as an Amazon Seller, what do I do with this data?

We plan on providing a course on how to use SellerMetrics to help your Amazon business. Stay tuned!

I don’t have a product yet on Amazon, will I find SellerMetrics helpful?

Yes, SellerMetrics helps you cut down on research time dramatically, whether you’re researching the ranking competitiveness of a keyword, the performance of existing products, or the profitability of reselling products on Amazon as a wholesaler.

How often does the data get refreshed?

Keyword tracking is refreshed every 24 hours. Product Tracking is updated every 2 hours. Live Research is updated in real-time if the item doesn’t exist.

I keep seeing new Amazon keyword tracking tools pop up lately, how is SellerMetrics different?

Many Amazon keyword tracker tools focus on where a specific Amazon product ranks for keyword search results.

While these tools also track product positions for keywords, we realized there was much more data needed, and included this additional data in SellerMetrics, such as the overall movement of all products within a keyword when tracking (to see how competitive a product is), the number and type of offers per product (determine the type of seller behind the Amazon product listing), outside traffic for a keyword, and much much more.

What Amazon domains do you currently cover?

Currently we cover the US ( but are looking to expand to other countries very soon.

I have a question not listed here, how do I contact you?

Contact us and we'll get back to you shortly!